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The efforts of our company are focused on offering State-of-the-Art "How to Start Adult Day Care" Business informational manuals for promoting the successful Start-Up of an Adult day care facility. Elder care facilities, such as Adult Day Care, promote seniors' health by maintaining and increasing the activities of daily living (ADL's), medication reminders, activities designed to improve cognitive function, memory care, social activities for improved friendship, and physical exercise. These senior services allow the elderly to stay in their own homes and community by Aging-in-Place vs. Institutionalization

Moreover, senior Adult Day Care facilities provides respite for the adult care giver. Our state of the art facilities address this as a class for caregivers which is unique to the business of Adult day care. Adult day care costs may be offset by Medicaid, HMO's, grants and private pay. Our How-to Manuals have helped individuals, Veterans Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals and Home Health Companies to start adult day care centers since 1993, in a comprehensive format, Individual customer centered approach with appropriate customized materials, current national adult day care knowledge and national consultation.

We serve all 50 states as well as Spain, British Virgin Islands, Poland, Brazil and China thus far. All of our state specific manuals such as policy and procedures, forms and emergency procedures in all 50 states have passed inspection on the first admission of these documents to the health departments of various states. When you order from us you have the telephone support from our consultants. In addition, we offer such services as telephone consulting, on-site consulting, specific demographic studies and state specific feasibility studies.

Our manuals and consulting have helped individuals, real estate developers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, local, state and federal government agencies and Veterans Hospitals to start and operate adult day care centers, personal care Homes and assisted living facilities.

What You Need to Start an Adult Day Care Center

Adult Day Care Group's manuals assist those who are planning on starting the business of an Adult Day Care Center, whether an adult day care medical model or adult day care social model as well as gathering crucial business information on how to start adult day care centers. Some of our manuals include The Starter Manual, (includes your Adult Day Care State Regulations), Adult Day Care Policies & Procedures Manual which may be state specific, Transportation Manual, How to License an Adult Day Care Center, Adult Day Care Profit & Loss Statements, Design & Floor Plans from successful National Adult Day Care Centers, Techniques for Successful Intake & Admissions of a medical Adult Day Care, Adult Day Care Forms, Conducting a Needs Analysis For An Adult Day Care Center, Emergency and Disaster Procedures for an Adult Day Care Center, The Senior Elder Care Business, Adult Day Care Person & Group Centered Activities, etc. All Manuals are customized and shipped by Priority mail.

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Consulting Services

When the services of an on-site consultant are needed for your project, please contact us to determine your requirements. We provide complete Facility Start-up packages; Market Feasiblity Studies; Assistance with completing state applications for licensure; Coordination of Architectural Services; Facility Start-up Management; Business and Operational improvement strategies.

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Construction of an Adult Day Care Center

In accordance with your state regulations, our healthcare specialty architects, under the guidance of Adult Day Care Group's consultants, can design your healthcare facility to meet your state's standards for an adult medical day care center, an adult social day care center, an Alzheimers unit, or an adult day care facility for the developmentally disabled.

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Online Courses

With technology and On-Line learning so readily available it is only a natural progression to start our customers off in the way they are accustomed to learning in today's world.

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About Our Company

We are pleased to provide information to you about our company's history. Our company was formed in 1993. We have an excellent experienced staff. Our founder has 46 years of successful health care start-ups, development, management and business experience. He is the past president, and one of the founders, of a national health care company.

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Expert Witness

Leslie J. Spirer has 30 years of Training, Education, Certification and Experience starting and managing Adult Medical Day Care Facilities as well as Adult Social Day Care Facilities though out the United States. Ms. Spirer has been endorsed for her experience and knowledge by members of the World Health Organization who write articles on Global Healthcare. Ms. Spirer's funding experience for these centers also translates to Medicaid and Medicaid fraud.


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