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Adult Day Care Manuals Consultants


What is Adult day care group consultants?

The efforts of our company are focused on offering State-of-the-Art "How to Start Adult Day Care" Business informational manuals for promoting the successful Start-Up of an Adult day care facility. Elder care facilities, such as Adult Day Care, promote seniors' health by maintaining and increasing the activities of daily living (ADL's), medication reminders, activities designed to improve cognitive function, memory care, social activities for improved friendship, and physical exercise. These senior services allow the elderly to stay in their own homes and community by Aging-in-Place vs. Institutionalization Moreover, senior Adult Day Care facilities provides respite for the adult care giver. Our state of the art facilities address this as a class for caregivers which is unique to the business of Adult day care. Adult day care costs may be offset by Medicaid, HMO's, grants and private pay. Our How-to Manuals have helped individuals, Veterans Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals and Home Health Companies to start adult day care centers since 1993, in a comprehensive format, Individual customer centered approach with appropriate customized materials, current national adult day care knowledge and national consultation.

What are the benefits of Adult day care group consultants?

Adult Day Care Group Consultants have been starting adult day care centers nationally and internationally for 21 years with our How-to Manuals as well as with our on-site consulting. We will assist you in starting an adult day care center from inception, to state inspection, to licensure, to opening day. We will remain as your consultants for one year after your center has opened. After which, you may contact us whenever you need to do so. Each project is different, please call for a quote. Our prices are reasonable, we want you to succeed. Through phone calls, email and/or Skype this consulting package, offered for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, will save you time and money by utilizing our 35 years of National experience starting up Adult Day Care Centers. Let us do the research, contact state licensing departments, make sure your Architectural plans do not sit on someones desk, zoning, building design assistance. Ask us the questions to help make the start-up process trouble free.

What is the special in Adult day care group consultants?

Now Adult Day Care & Assisted Living Group Consultant's professionals have combined their knowledge, specialized skills, experience and expertise into unique publications containing essential information for potential and existing adult day care centers and assisted living facilities providers. These materials contain the lastest statistics, financials and current facts to provide a concise summary of the best information available in the field of adult day care and assisted living. These Manuals bring the expertise of a professional adult day care consultant directly to your orgainization.

How old is Adult day care group consultants?

We are pleased to provide information to you about our company's history. Our company was formed in 1993. We have an excellent experienced staff. Our founder has 46 years of successful health care start-ups, development, management and business experience. He is the past president, and one of the founders, of a national health care company.

How to contact to Adult day care group consultants?

Address: 107 Ice Dale road Honey Brook, PA 19344 Phone: 484-786-8059

Who are operating Adult day care group consultants?

The founder of Adult Day Care & Assisted Living Group Consultants, Lowell J. Spirer, has an M.B.A in Hospital Administration from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and an undergraduate degree in Human Resources from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. Leslie Spirer, President of Adult Day Care, B.S. Health Ed. ,Temple University, M.Ed Technology in Education Rosemont College, USC Home Modification Program. Ms. Spirer has been in the Health Care field for 17 years. For the past 10 years, she has started multiple medical, social, and developmental disability adult day care centers as well as personal care facilities utilizing Adult Day Care Group's Manuals and on-site consulting. She has assisted universities internationally to develop their adult day care university courses based on Adult Day Care Group's Manuals and her consulting services.

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