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Adult Day Care 101-What is Adult day Care and what are the basics?

This colorfully course lets you learn at your own speed privately and conveniently.

This step-by-step guide on how to start an adult day care center combines the history, philosophy, and the Start-up Phases of an Adult Day Care Center. Such topics covered are: Four (4) Types of Adult Day Care Centers, Zoning, What to look for in a building for you center, Building design, What Role does Adult Day Care play in the long term continuum of care today, National Statistics, Policy and Procedures, Employees, Start-up Staff and more.

After ordering this course, we will also mail to you a Starter Manual with your state regulations and 2 Year Profit & Loss Excel Spreadsheets for calculating costs and a Operational Program Manual.

Adult Day Care Training Course #2- Marketing and Admissions – $250.00

Marketing, intake and admissions, the essential part of a successful adult day care center, may be resolved in few short words, “get your messagbe out”. This course will cover procedures to which you must adhere for successful marketing, intake and admissions, such as: The positive qualities of an admission person, knowledge and experience of an admission person, the modern method of marketing, tangible and intangible service, selling on two levels, soft sell, financial information, handling telephone inquiries, and the interview a crucial hour.

After ordering this course, you will be e-mailed a FULL COLOR TWO SIDED ADULT DAY CARE MARKETING BROCHURE


This employee training course meets the guidelines for states requiring training . This course covers the following topics:

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