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Adult Day Care 101-What is Adult day Care and what are the basics?

This colorfully animated course takes you through a step-by-step information guide on the history, philosophy, and the beginning Start-up Phases of an Adult Day Care Center. Such areas covered are: Four (4) Types of Adult Day Care Centers, Zoning, Adult Day Care Design, What Role does Adult Day Care play in the long term continuum of care today, National Statistics, Policy and Procedures, and a Quiz at the end to master the information you have just learned.

After ordering this course, we will also mail you our Starter Manual with your state regulations and 2 Profit & Loss Spreadsheets for calculating costs on CD -Rom. When ordering we will provide you with a link to the course and your own password.

The price for this course is $200.00. Please call 610-584-2222 to order.