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Adult Day Care Manuals Consultants

Manuals to Start an Adult Day Care Center


This training presentation course is a course with direct impact words and sentences which Includes the following topics: Profile of an Admissions Person, The Correct Sales Techniques, Selling The Adult Day Care Industry, Handling Telephone Inquires Successfully, The Interview, A Crucial Hour, The Tour, Working Toward Commitment, Overcoming the "Big Stall" and Other Objections, The Day of Admissions, Starting Off Right, Delivering Continued Good Service, Marketing Strategies, Who Are Your Clients?. This course takes you through the entire intake and admission process so you become an expert at your job for an easy soft sell to admitting your new participants.


This employee training course , for new employees meets the guidelines for states requiring training . This course covers the following topics:

  1. Body Mechanics for the Geriatric population
  2. Body Mechanics Glossary
  3. Body Mechanics Assessment
  4. Posture
  5. Two person & one Person assist
  6. ADL’s 7 IADL’s
  7. Ambulation
  8. Eating & drinking
  9. Tranferring to a wheelchair
  10. Toileting
  11. Personal Hygeine
  12. Self-Administering Medication
  13. Employee & Participant Handwashing
  14. OSHA & HIPPA


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